The Exchequer Financial Group, Inc.

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     The Exchequer financial Group, Inc. owns a number of e commerce sites focused on the food industry.  The sites are mostly auction sites, where all food products come from one central warehouse.  This is optimal to cutting the costs of shipping to the consumer.  Some of the sites are:


gourmetfoodauction - This is the EBay of Food.  The company offers a numebr of food prodroucts for auction or outright purchase.  Offerings include beef products, gluten free, wild game meats, specialty pizza's and more.  A consumer can win or purchase more than one item and all products will be shipped in one shipment, (if they fit).  We offer free shipping at all times.  To visit our site click on the logo.


 gourmetbid -  This site offers Celeberty and local Chefs for hire for any function on either a bid basis or out right offer.  The site also offers various food items for purchase through bid or buy now option.  All auctions won or purchases made through an buy it now option will be shipped in one box from a central warehouse, (if they fit).  At all times we offer free shipping.  To visit our site click on the logo.







Realsportsaauction - This site is desgined to offer all types of sports memobilia, tickets, sports cars and celebertiy sports figures for a birthday or meeting.  The site is designed as a auction format and also has the option to buy it now.  To visit the site click on the logo above.





Wild Steaks - This site is established to offer all types of steaks and barbaque equipment. The steaks offered are both beef and wild game steaks.  Steaks include Beef, ostrich, venison, Buffalo, elk, and more.  We offer free shipping at all times.  To visit the site please click on the log above.













Other sites that are under development are,,,,,